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As we approach the holiest time of year for Christianity, I am thinking more about the absolute necessity of prayer for our Christian life.  Basically, Christians believe that the human soul is literally made by God for connection and relationship with God.  In addition, because so much of this world is set against the grace, truth and purposes of God, prayer is even more essential to strengthen and keep us in the faith, hope and love of Jesus Christ our Savior and Lord.  So to that end, we hear the Apostle Paul sharing God’s Word about prayer in the biblical Letter to the Ephesians, writing as follows: (more…)


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Israel of God 1After our Lenten journey of penitential contemplation and intensified spiritual devotion, we come to the pinnacle of the Church Year known as Holy Week. It is the time of year we focus on the events of Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem, his last supper, his torture, his crucifixion, his sacrificial death, and his glorious resurrection. And, as I reflect on the sacred events of Holy Week, I also find myself drawn to the following words of the Apostle Paul from the Book of Galatians: (more…)

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