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We walked into Jerusalem’s Old City at the Jaffa Gate through its ancient high fortified walls. We walked to Greek Catholic Patriarchate Street and turned left onto this street. When we came to St. George Alley, we turned right onto this alley and soon came to a shop in an ancient building along the alleyway that has a sign above it which says the following: “Razzouk Tattoo: Tattoo With Heritage – Since 1300.” (more…)


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Masada-Israel-3While in the Holy Land of Israel and Jordan, we visited many stone ruins. Some of these ruins were of ancient fortresses, like the mountain fortress of Masada near the Dead Sea. However, whether it was the great fortress of Masada in Israel or even the amazing city of Petra in Jordan, these stone fortifications ultimately failed those who made them. Consequently, after visiting these sites, I invited our travel group to sing “My Hope Is Built on Nothing Less”… (more…)

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