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ethnic-diversityWe live in a time of powerful forces seeking to separate people into demographic boxes.  These forces want to define us as strictly this or that “kind” of person; and these forces want us to start defining ourselves according to these strictly defined categories as well.  More and more, we see categorizing, labeling and dividing people as Male vs. Female, or White vs. Black vs. Brown, or Heterosexual vs. Homosexual, or whatever else you can think of. (more…)

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Happy Easter Everyone!!!

In last month’s article, I stated the following:  “We are saved by God’s grace through the free gift of faith — not by our works — so that we might live repentant, God-conscious lives of good works for the glory of God and the benefit of all people everywhere!”

However, I neglected to explain what we are saved from. (more…)

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