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This month we commemorate the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation of Western Christianity during the period of transition from the Late Medieval timeframe into the Renaissance timeframe.  For Lutherans and Catholics, this commemoration is one marked by sorrow for past sins against one another and by deep gratitude for the spiritual gifts we now offer to one another through Christ our Lord and Savior.

As we are 21st Century reformational Christians, I offer you the following two areas of reformational do’s and don’ts: (more…)


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f0856ad5eb9aa351c1a1df4d970c7969We live in a time in which many assert that Jesus of Nazareth never existed, or they assert that Jesus really did exist but they say they know Jesus better than Christians know him. So we live in a time in which all Christians need to be more engaged as apologists and evangelists for Christ, much like it was early on in Church history during the Apostolic Era of our faith. (more…)

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celtic-trinity-knot-by-kristen-foxAs we approach the observance of two special Sundays of the Church calendar — Pentecost Sunday and Holy Trinity Sunday — our congregation will be hosting a unique interfaith event that puts into practice the themes of Pentecost Sunday and Holy Trinity Sunday.  This event is the product of our growing relationship with our neighbors at Al Huda Mosque here on Edgerton in Greenfield. (more…)

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