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ethnic-diversityWe live in a time of powerful forces seeking to separate people into demographic boxes.  These forces want to define us as strictly this or that “kind” of person; and these forces want us to start defining ourselves according to these strictly defined categories as well.  More and more, we see categorizing, labeling and dividing people as Male vs. Female, or White vs. Black vs. Brown, or Heterosexual vs. Homosexual, or whatever else you can think of. (more…)


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Advent-Wreath-first-candle-Advent-Sunday“Rejubilation” is a word that I made up to describe what the Advent Season and Christmastime are all about. The four weeks of Advent before Christmas and the twelve days of Christmastime are all about rejuvenating our Christian joy each year. So, we can use the word “rejubilation” to best describe the annual rejuvenation of the joy of Christ within us. (more…)

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