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It’s the Third Day of Christmas as I write this article and New Year’s Eve is four days away. Many people still have most of their Christmas decorations out in observance of the Twelve Days of Christmastide, and my wife Hilary and I recently noticed a front lawn Nativity display with an illuminated set of Holy Family figurines. But strangely, the light coming from the Baby Jesus was flashing on and off! So we had a quick laugh about it. However, the image of that blinking-light Baby Jesus stayed with me. (more…)


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butterflycrossThe New Year offers us a new chance to embrace the heart of the gospel of Jesus Christ for ourselves and others.  And this ‘heart of the gospel’ is (more…)

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iStock_000012625357XSmallThere are two good kinds of fear and one bad kind of fear.

The first of the two good kinds of fear is (more…)

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