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1970Many Christians today were raised in a church environment that called for them to simply grease the wheels of the institution as best they could and everything would tend to move along nicely. (more…)


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On our summer vacation last month, my family and I visited Door County, WI. It’s a large and beautiful peninsula jutting out into the great inland sea called Lake Michigan (our world’s 4th largest lake by volume and 5th largest by surface area). And I learned that the name “Door” for Door County comes from the name “Death’s Door,” and it refers to the treacherous currents and sudden rough seas that are common in the large channel of water connecting the great Green Bay with the rest of Lake Michigan. In fact, there are lots of old shipwrecks (more…)

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Almighty and wonderful God, we are thankful for your all-pervading, all-encompassing, eternal Presence within and beyond us.

One God of all, our thanks and praise belong to you, because you are the source and ground of all being.  In you we live, move and have our being, O Lord!  (more…)

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