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3_stages_icons-01When we were little children, we viewed our parents through an almost entirely positive lens.  They could do nothing wrong in our eyes.  Then we became adolescents, and we viewed our parents through an almost entirely negative lens.  They could do virtually nothing right in our teenage eyes.  And periodically in adolescence, teenagers will slip in and out of a childlike orientation toward their parents as they grow.  However, if we had loving parents, we matured to later realize as adults that our parents are basically good and decent people despite their various imperfections. (more…)


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Before arriving in Wisconsin almost ten months ago, I knew that our nation was politically polarized in a way that I have not seen in my adult lifetime.  And, before moving here, little did I realize that our beautiful State of Wisconsin was such a hotspot for this polarization.  In fact, soon after our arrival, I noticed folks trying to figure out whether I was politically an “us” or a “them.” (more…)

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